User questionnaire

The project is closed! You can look at a new scripting language. It is available on GitHub.
Also, try our open source cross-platform automation software.


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Commercial and Freeware installers.

User questionnaire

You can contribute to the development of the Gentee programming language, by answering the following questions. There are no required fields, but the more you tell us, the better we will understand your queries and concerns. Your information is kept strictly confidential and will be available only to the authors of the language.

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How did you learn about Gentee?
 Search engines
 Recommended by friends
 Blog, forum, mailing list
 Link from a site
 Cannot remember
If possible, specify the source or specify your suggested changes
How long have you been using Gentee?
What do you think are the strongest features of Gentee?
What kind of software do you write with Gentee?
What other programming languages do you use?
What could we do to make Gentee more popular and better-known?
In your opinion, What does Gentee lack?
Are there any bugs that we need to fix?
Any comments