The project is closed! You can look at a new scripting language. It is available on GitHub.
Also, try our open source cross-platform automation software.


Installer and installation software
Commercial and Freeware installers.

You Can Help Spread the Word About Gentee!

Perhaps you already know this, but the Gentee language is one of the most flexible, easy to learn coding environments online today. For that reason alone, you will want to be involved with this project. Add to that a supportive environment and forum where you can go for help whenever you have a question and you have just discovered your new online family! And, like any other family, you are bound to become an important part of it. You can become even more involved, and get more support, by giving us a little of your time.

Today we need volunteers to help us make this site the hub of activity it is meant to be. If you volunteer even a few hours time to create or help, you will not only reap the reward of knowing you gave something back to the world, but you also become a part of something bigger and, when Gentee becomes a major success, you can say to the world that you made it happen. These are the jobs we currently have open for someone with your talent and drive.


If you are familiar with the C programming language, we need someone who can port compilers sources to other operating systems and create a compiler for web-servers. Also, someone who can work within the Gentee language in developing libraries or examples, etc. We need PHP developers for the site too.


If you have some awesome graphic and web-design skills we could use you to create logos, icons, banners and other types of graphics. We also need someone familiar with CSS to help us design a new style sheet for this site. This is a really great opportunity for you to show off your talents!


How many languages do you speak? If you said, more than "one" we need you to help us translate the program and other documentation from English to other languages.

Copyediting and Tech writing

If you have a good grasp of the English language and grammar rules, we need someone with your language skills to proofread our texts.

It takes someone special to write an article everyone will read. That's why we need anyone with the ability to write. These articles will be used to introduce others to the Gentee programming language. This is something that will look great on a writer's Curriculum Vitae.


One of the most important gifts is the gift of generosity. If you are willing to sponsor the Gentee project, we will work to find a way to make our relationship mutually beneficial.

Any donation you can provide would be gratefully accepted.


Do you have your own website? We would be honored to have our link included on your site. Introduce us to the world and we will introduce you to an exciting new way to create programs!

So, you see, just like any other family, we have room for people with all kinds of talents and gifts. We look forward to working with you on the Gentee project and are confident that you will find working with us to be a fun, rewarding experience.