Using '#!' command

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Using #!' command'

Under Linux, '#!' in the first line is used to start the compiler. Under Windows, you can also use the first line in a file to start any programs, including those used for compiling with the necessary parameters. If you click such a .g file or press Enter, the specified command line will be executed. It allows you to avoid using additional batch files ( .bat ) and specify compiling options different from default options.

You can specify both absolute and relative paths to the program and the file you want to start. You can specify %1 as the full name of the current file. If the path contains spaces, you should enclose it in double quotation marks.


#!gentee.exe -s hello.g
#!gentee.exe -t -f "%1"
#!"C:\My Application\my.bat" "%1"
#!ge2exe.exe "%1"

Using profiles

You can specify profile parameters at the beginning of the source .g file. Parameters must be described from the first line and the first character of the line must be . See names of parameters in Compilation profiles.


#output = %EXEPATH%\gentee-x.exe
#norun = 1
#exe = 1 d g
#optimizer = 1
#wait = 3
#res = ..\..\res\exe\version.res