The project is closed! You can look at a new scripting language. It is available on GitHub.
Also, try our open source cross-platform automation software.


Installer and installation software
Commercial and Freeware installers.

Quick Launch

You may use any text editor to write and edit the source code of your Gentee program, which you should then save with the .g extension. You will then be able to run it easily in Explorer or any file manager, by double-clicking it or pressing the Enter key. Files with the .ge extension ( compiled Gentee programs ) are run in the same way. The .ge extension allows you to run programs faster, because they do not require additional compilation.

You will find some sample programs in the Gentee source files. Using a file manager or Explorer, open the directory to which you installed Gentee (the default is C:\Program Files\Gentee), and select the Samples subdirectory to see a list of examples.

You can create shortcuts in Start->Programs or Desktop for frequently-used Gentee programs, to launch them more easily and quickly. Use the extension .g or .ge to make the file executable.

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