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Welcome to Gentee Programming Language! This tutorial will help you master our programming language by using easy-to-understand examples.

You should have some familiarity with computers. But it is not essential to have extensive experience in programming or to know any other computer languages. In fact, these lessons were written under the assumption that you have little or no programming skills.

The tutorial begins with basic concepts and then builds on them with more complex lessons. If a lesson is too simple for you, skip over it! If you're a novice, take things step-by-step.

This tutorial does not concentrate primarily on the syntax and semantics of Gentee Programming Language. (Information about this can be found in the documentation.) Instead, the tutorial concentrates on the development of language skills by developing software solutions to practical computing problems. Furthermore, each lesson includes a self-study exercise for independent work. We feel that programming skills are best acquired through practice. Therefore, we recommend that you complete the exercises.

Each lesson features source code that will help you understand how to develop programming solutions. If developing solutions seems daunting, carefully examine the source code for hints about how the program works. These source programs are located in the Samples subdirectory of the Gentee distribution kit.

helloA simple program outputs a string to a console.
squareСalculating the area and the perimeter of a rectangle and of a circle.
easymathFinding the greatest common divisor, factorial and the Fibonacci numbers.
primenumberCalculate primes using "The Sieve of Eratosthenes".
fileattribSet or remove the attributes of the files a read-only file.
runiniUsing INI files
easyhtmlDisplay a color palette as HTML, which is frequently used for creating an HTML page.
calendarCreate a month calendar, selected by a user, in HTML format.
samefilesFind all files which have the same contents either in the required folder or in a drive.

If you encounter difficulty, send us an e-mail and we will try to help you troubleshoot the problem. If your problem provides a useful lesson for others, we will seek your permission to disassemble the program and release it to others to provide them with better understanding.