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Library Reference

Table of contents

Array Array.
Array Of Strings Array of strings.
Array Of Unicode Strings Array of unicode strings.
Buffer Binary data.
Clipboard These functions are used to work with the Windows clipboard.
Collection Collection.
COM/OLE Working with COM/OLE Object.
Console Console library.
CSV Working with CSV data.
Date & Time Functions for working with date and time.
Dbf This library is used to work with dbf files.
Files File system functions.
FTP FTP protocol.
Gentee API Gentee API functions for the using of gentee.dll.
Hash Hash (Associative array).
HTTP HTTP protocol.
INI File INI files.
Keyboard These functions are used to emulate the work of the keyboard.
Math Mathematical functions.
Memory Functions for memory management.
ODBC (SQL) Data Access (SQL queries) Using ODBC.
Process Process, shell, arguments and environment functions.
Registry Working with the Registry.
Socket Sockets and common internet functions.
Stack Stack.
String Strings.
String - Filename Filename strings.
String - Unicode Unicode strings.
System System functions.
Thread This library allows you to create threads and work with them.
Tree Tree object.
XML XML file processing.