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This library is used to work with dbf files. The formats dBase III and dBase IV are supported. To be able to work, you should describe a variable of the dbf type. For using this library, it is required to specify the file dbf.g (from Lib subfolder) with include command.

include : $"...\gentee\lib\dbf\dbf.g"



* dbf Get the number of records in the database.
foreach var,dbf Foreach operator.


dbf.append Adding a record.
dbf.bof Determine is the current record is the first one.
dbf.bottom Move to the last record.
dbf.close Close a database.
dbf.create Create a dbf file and open it.
dbf.del Set/clear the deletion mark for the current record.
dbf.empty Creating an empty copy.
dbf.eof Determine is the current record is in the database.
dbf.geterror Getting an error code.
dbf.go Move to the record with the specified number.
dbf.isdel Getting the record deletion mark.
dbf.open Open a database (a dbf file).
dbf.pack Pack a database.
dbf.recno Getting the number of the current record.
dbf.skip Moving to another record.
dbf.top Move to the first record.

Field methods

dbf.f_count Number of fields.
dbf.f_date Getting a date.
dbf.f_decimal Getting the size of the fractional part in a numerical field.
dbf.f_double Getting a numerical value.
dbf.f_find Getting the number of a field by its name.
dbf.f_int Getting an integer value.
dbf.f_logic Getting a logical value.
dbf.f_memo Get the value of a memo field.
dbf.f_name Get the name of the specified field.
dbf.f_offset Get the offset of the field.
dbf.f_ptr Pointer to data.
dbf.f_str Getting a value.
dbf.f_type Get the field type.
dbf.f_width Get the width of the specified field.
dbf.fw_date Writing a date.
dbf.fw_double Writing a numerical value.
dbf.fw_int Writing an integer value.
dbf.fw_logic Writing a logical value.
dbf.fw_memo Writing a value into a memo field.
dbf.fw_str Writing a value.