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String - Unicode

Unicode strings. It is possible to use variables of the ustr type for working with Unicode strings. The ustr type is inherited from the buf type. So, you can also use methods of the buf type.



* ustr Get the length of a unicode string.
ustr[ i ] Getting ushort character [i] of the Unicode string.
ustr + ustr Add two strings.
ustr = type Assign types to unicode string.
str = ustr Copy a unicode string to a string.
ustr += type Appending types to the unicode string.
str == ustr Comparison operation.
ustr < ustr Comparison operation.
ustr > ustr Comparison operation.
ustr( str ) Converting a string to a unicode string ustr( str ).
str( ustr ) Converting a unicode string to a string str( ustr ).


ustr.clear Clearing a unicode string.
ustr.copy Copying.
ustr.del Delete a substring.
ustr.findch Find the character in the unicode string.
ustr.fromutf8 Convert a UTF-8 string to a unicode string.
ustr.insert Insertion.
ustr.lines Convert a multi-line unicode string to an array of unicode strings.
ustr.read Read a unicode string from a file.
ustr.replace Replacing in a unicode string.
ustr.reserve Memory reservation.
ustr.setlen Setting a new size of the unicode string.
ustr.split Splitting a unicode string.
ustr.substr Getting a unicode substring.
ustr.toutf8 Convert a unicode string to UTF-8 string.
ustr.trim... Trimming a unicode string.
ustr.write Writing a unicode string to a file.