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Working with the Registry. This library allows you to work with the Windows Registry. For using this library, it is required to specify the file registry.g (from lib\registry subfolder) with include command.

include : $"...\gentee\lib\registry\registry.g"



regdelkey Deleting a registry key.
regdelvalue Deleting the value of a key.
reggetmultistr Getting a string sequence.
reggetnum Get the numerical value of a registry key.
regkeys Getting the list of keys.
regsetmultistr Writing a string sequence.
regsetnum Write a number as a registry key value.
regvaltype Get the type of a registry key value.
regvalues Getting the list of values in a key.
regverify Creating missing keys.


buf.regget Getting a value.
buf.regset Writing a value.
str.regget Getting a value.
str.regset Write a string as a registry key value.