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Installer and installation software
Commercial and Freeware installers.


FTP protocol. You must call inet_init function before using this library. For using this library, it is required to specify the file ftp.g (from lib\ftp subfolder) with include command.

include : $"...\gentee\lib\ftp\ftp.g"

ftp.close Terminates the FTP connection.
ftp.command Sends a command.
ftp.createdir Creates a new directory.
ftp.deldir Deletes a directory.
ftp.delfile Deletes a file.
ftp.getcurdir Retrieves the current directory.
ftp.getfile Retrieves a file.
ftp.getsize Retrieves the file size from the FTP server.
ftp.gettime Retrieves the file time.
ftp.lastresponse The last response from the FTP server.
ftp.list List of files.
ftp.open Establishes an FTP connection.
ftp.putfile Stores a file on the FTP server.
ftp.rename Renames a file.
ftp.setattrib Sets the attributes.
ftp.setcurdir Sets the current directory.

Common internet functions

inet_close Closing the library.
inet_error Getting an error code.
inet_init Library initialization.
inet_proxy Using a proxy server.
inet_proxyenable Enabling/disabling a proxy server.
inetnotify_func Message handling function.

URL strings

str.iencoding Recoding a string.
str.ihead Getting a header.
str.ihttpinfo Processing a header.
str.iurl The method is used to parse a URL address.