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Installer and installation software
Commercial and Freeware installers.


File system functions.



file.close Close a file.
file.getsize Get the size of the file.
file.gettime Get the time when the file was last modified.
file.open Open a file.
file.read Reading a file.
file.setpos Set the current position in the file.
file.settime Set time for a file.
file.write Writing to a file.


copyfile Copy a file.
copyfiles Copying files and directories by mask.
createdir Create a directory.
deletedir Delete a directory.
deletefile Delete a file.
delfiles Deleting files and directories by mask.
direxist Checking if a directory exists.
fileexist Checking if a file exists.
getcurdir Getting the current directory.
getdrives Get the names of available disks.
getdrivetype Get the type of a disk.
getfileattrib Getting file attributes.
getmodulename Get the file name of the currently running application.
getmodulepath Get the path to the running EXE file.
gettempdir Get the temporary directory of the application.
isequalfiles Check if files are equal.
movefile Rename, move a file or a directory.
setattribnormal Setting the attribute $FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL.
setcurdir Setting the current directory.
setfileattrib Set file attributes.
verifypath Verifying a path and creating all absent directories.

Search and fileinfo functions

finfo File information structure.
ffind File search structure.
foreach var,ffind Foreach operator.
ffind.init Initializing file search.
getfileinfo Get information about a file or directory.

Related Methods

arrstr.read Read a multi-line text file to array of strings.
arrstr.write Write an array of strings to a multi-line text file.
buf.read Reading from a file.
buf.write Writing to a file.
buf.writeappend Appending data to a file.
str.read Read a string from a file.
str.write Writing a string to a file.
str.writeappend Appending string to a file.