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Installer and installation software
Commercial and Freeware installers.

Date & Time

Functions for working with date and time.



datetime = datetime Copying datatime structure.
datetime += uint Adding days to a date.
datetime -= uint Subtracting days from a date.
datetime - datetime Difference between two dates as days and time.
datetime + datetime Adding two dates as days and time.
datetime == datetime Comparison operations.
datetime < datetime Comparison operation.
datetime > datetime Comparison operation.


abbrnameofday Get the short name of a weekday in the user's language.
days The number of days between two dates.
daysinmonth The number of days in a month.
firstdayofweek Get the first day of a week for the user's locale.
getdateformat Get date in the specified format.
getdatetime Getting date and time as strings.
gettimeformat Get time in the specified format.
isleapyear Leap year check.
nameofmonth Get the name of a month in the user's language.


datetime.dayofweek Get the weekday.
datetime.dayofyear Get the number of a particular day in the year.
datetime.fromstr Convert string like SSMMHHDDMMYYYY to datetime structure.
datetime.gettime Getting the current date and time.
datetime.getsystime Getting the current system date and time.
datetime.normalize Normalizing a datetime structure.
datetime.setdate Specifying a date.
datetime.tostr Convert a datetime structure to string like SSMMHHDDMMYYYY.

File time functions and operators

filetime = filetime Copying filetime structure.
filetime == filetime Comparison operations.
filetime < filetime Comparison operation.
filetime > filetime Comparison operation.
datetimetoftime Converting date from datetime into filetime.
ftimetodatetime Converting date from filetime into datetime.
getfiledatetime Getting date and time as strings.


datetime The datetime structure.
filetime The filetime structure.