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The project is closed! You can look at a new scripting language. It is available on GitHub.
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Installer and installation software
Commercial and Freeware installers.


HTTP protocol. You must call inet_init function before using this library. For using this library, it is required to specify the file http.g (from lib\http subfolder) with include command.

include : $"...\gentee\lib\http\http.g"

http_get Getting data via the HTTP protocol.
http_getfile Downloading a file via the HTTP protocol.
http_head Getting a header via the HTTP protocol.
http_post Sending data via the HTTP protocol.

Common internet functions

inet_close Closing the library.
inet_error Getting an error code.
inet_init Library initialization.
inet_proxy Using a proxy server.
inet_proxyenable Enabling/disabling a proxy server.
inetnotify_func Message handling function.

URL strings

str.iencoding Recoding a string.
str.ihead Getting a header.
str.ihttpinfo Processing a header.
str.iurl The method is used to parse a URL address.