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Using a proxy server. The functions allows you to specify a proxy server to be used for connecting to the Internet.

func uint inet_proxy (
   uint flag,
   str proxyname


flag The flag specifying for which protocols the specified proxy should be used.
$PROXY_HTTPUse a proxy server for the HTTP protocol.
$PROXY_FTPUse a proxy server for the FTP protocol.
$PROXY_ALLUse a proxy server for all protocols.
$PROXY_EXPLORERTake the proxy server information from the Internet Explorer settings. In this case the proxyname parameter can be empty.
proxyname The name of the proxy server. It must contain a host name and a port number separated by a colon.

Return value

If the function succeeds, the return value is 1. If the function fails, the return value is 0.

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