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XML file processing. This library is used for XML file processing and XML tree building. Neither a multibyte-character set nor a document type description <!DOCTYPE .....> are handled in the current version. For using this library, it is required to specify the file xml.g (from lib\xml subfolder) with include command.

include : $"...\gentee\lib\xml\xml.g"

XML description A brief description of XML library.


foreach var,xmlitem Foreach operator.


xml.addentity Adds an entity description.
xml.getroot Gets the root item of the XML document tree.
xml.procfile Process an XML file.
xml.procstr Processes a string contained the XML document.

Methods of XML tree items

xmlitem.chtag Gets a tag item with the help of a "path".
xmlitem.findtag Search for a tag item by the name.
xmlitem.getattrib Gets a tag item attribute value.
xmlitem.getchild Gets the first child item of the current item.
xmlitem.getchildtag Gets the first child tag item.
xmlitem.getchildtext Gets the first child text item.
xmlitem.getname Gets the name of the XML item.
xmlitem.getnext Gets the next item.
xmlitem.getnexttag Gets the next tag item.
xmlitem.getnexttext Gets the next text item.
xmlitem.getparent Gets the parent item of the current item.
xmlitem.gettext Gets a text of the current item in the XML tree.
xmlitem.isemptytag Determines if the item is an empty tag item.
xmlitem.ispitag Checks if the item is a tag processing instruction.
xmlitem.istag Determines if the current item is a tag item.
xmlitem.istext Determines if the current item is a text item.