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Tree object. The each node of tree object can have a lot of childs. It is required to include tree.g.

include : $"...\gentee\lib\tree\tree.g"



tree of type Specifying the type of items.
* tree Get the count of items in a tree.
* treeitem Get the count of childs in the tree item.
foreach var,treeitem Foreach operator.


tree.clear Delete all items in the tree.
tree.del Deleting an item.
tree.leaf Adding a "leaf".
tree.node Adding a "node".
tree.root Get the root item of a tree.

Treeitem methods

treeitem.changenode Change the parent node of an item.
treeitem.child Get the first child of an item.
treeitem.data Get the pointer to the data stored in an object.
treeitem.getnext Getting the next item to the current tree item.
treeitem.getprev Getting the previous item to the current tree item.
treeitem.isleaf Check if it is a leaf.
treeitem.isnode Check if it is a node.
treeitem.isroot Check if it is a root item.
treeitem.lastchild Get the last child item of the tree item.
treeitem.move Move an item.
treeitem.parent Get the parent of an item.