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Strings. It is possible to use variables of the str type for working with strings. The str type is inherited from the buf type. So, you can also use methods of the buf type.



* str Get the length of a string.
str + str Putting two strings together and creating a resulting string.
str = str Copy the string.
str += type Appending types to the string.
str == str Comparison operation.
str < str Comparison operation.
str > str Comparison operation.
str( type ) Converting types to str.
type( str ) Converting string to other types.


str.append Data addition.
str.appendch Adding a character to a string.
str.clear Clearing a string.
str.copy... Copying.
str.crc Calculating the checksum.
str.del Delete a substring.
str.dellast Delete the last character.
str.eqlen... Comparison.
str.fill... Filling a string.
str.find... Find the character in the string.
str.hex... Converting an unsigned integer in the hexadecimal form.
str.insert Insertion.
str.islast Check the final character.
str.lines Convert a multi-line string to an array of strings.
str.lower Converting to lowercase.
str.out4 Output a 32-bit value.
str.print Print a string into the console window.
str.printf Write formatted data to a string.
str.read Read a string from a file.
str.repeat Repeating a string.
str.replace Replacing in a string.
str.replacech Replace a character.
str.setlen Setting a new string size.
str.split Splitting a string.
str.substr Getting a substring.
str.trim... Trimming a string.
str.upper Converting to uppercase.
str.write Writing a string to a file.
str.writeappend Appending string to a file.

Search methods

spattern The pattern structure for the searching.
spattern.init Creating data search pattern.
spattern.search Search a pattern in another string.
str.search Substring search.