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Binary data. It is possible to use variables of the buf type for working with memory. Use this type if you want to store and manage the binary data.



* buf Get the size of the memory being used.
buf[ i ] Getting byte <i> from the buffer.
buf = buf Copying data from one buffer into another.
buf + buf Putting two buffers together and creating a resulting buffer.
buf += type Appending types to the buffer.
buf == buf Comparison operation.
buf( type ) Converting types to buf.


buf.align Data alignment.
buf.append Data addition.
buf.clear Clear data in the object.
buf.copy Copying.
buf.crc Calculating the checksum.
buf.del Data deletion.
buf.expand Expansion.
buf.free Memory deallocation.
buf.findch Find a byte in a binary data.
buf.getmultistr Convert a buffer to array of strings.
buf.getmultiustr Convert a buffer to array of unicode strings.
buf.insert Data insertion.
buf.ptr Get the pointer to memory.
buf.read Reading from a file.
buf.replace Replacing data.
buf.reserve Memory reservation.
buf.write Writing to a file.
buf.writeappend Appending data to a file.