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Comment. Character substitution

When running, the compiler deletes all comments, replaces macros with their values and replaces the formatting characters.

/*...*/     Comments can appear anywhere. A comment begins with a forward slash/asterisk combination /* and is terminated by “end comment” delimiter */.
//     Single-line comments. These comments are terminated by the End-of-Line characters.

 This is a comment.
a = 4 + 5  // This is a comment too.

;     The new line character is the separating character between expressions and statements. A semicolon is replaced with a new line character. You can use this character if you want to put several statements on one line.
:     A colon is replaced with an opening curly brace and a closing curly brace is added at the end of the current line.

// These examples are equal
if a == 10 : a = b + c; c = d + e 

if a == 10 
   a = b + c
   c = d + e