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The program structure. Preprocessor

A program in the Gentee language can consist of one or several files. The main element of the program is a command. The command starts on a new line, most commands contain blocks enclosed in curly braces { }. It is possible to divide all commands into four groups by their purpose.

Preprocessor commands

The preprocessor is responsible for the substitution of macro values, the replacement of service characters and conditional compilation. The preprocessor performs its operations right during the compilation of the current fragment of the source code.

The define commandThe definition of macros.
The ifdef commandConditional compilation.

Executable code commands

These commands contain statements and are responsible for the executable part of the program.

The extern commandPredefined functions, methods and operations.
Method declaration: methodMethod declaration.
Redefining operator operationsOperator redefinition.
textText function declaration.

Definitions of types and global variables

The type commandDeclaring type.
The global commandGlobal variable declaration.

Other commands

The include commandIncluding Gentee files.
The import commandImporting functions from DLL.
The public and private commandsName protection commands.

This is an example of the simplest program.

/* Example */

   NAME = "John"

func main<main>
   print("Hello, \$NAME!")