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Identifiers are names that are used to refer to variables, types, functions, methods, etc. Identifiers can consist of alphanumeric characters and the underscore character. A name may begin only with a letter or the underscore character. It is permissible to use letters of the English alphabet as well as characters whose code is between 0x80 and 0xFF, but we recommend that you use only letters of the English alphabet to ensure that variable names are displayed correctly on other computers. The length of a name is limited to 255 characters. Sample valid names: _my12, temp, MainFunction. Names are case-sensitive: MyFunc and myfunc are two different names.

The language has some reserved names that cannot be used as identifiers. These are called keywords, and they are used to define constructions or objects in the language. The keywords are listed below:

as, break, case, continue, default, define, do, elif, else, extern, for, foreach, fornum, func, global, goto, if, ifdef, import, include, label, method, of, operator, return, sizeof, subfunc, switch, text, this, type, while, with, inherit.