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A function (method, operator, property) body contains some statements that are used to interrupt the sequential execution of a program. Some of them contain blocks which also have nested statements.

There are several types of statements, as follows:

Conditional statements

if-elif-elseConditional statement.
switchCase statement.

Loop statements

while-doSimple loop statement.
do-whileSimple loop statement, evaluated at the bottom.
forLoop statement that provides initialization and increment clauses.
fornumLoop statement that executes a finite number of iterations and has autoincrement.
foreachLoop used for enumerating elements.

Instructions of unconditional transfer of control

returnFunction termination.
breakLoop termination.
continueImmediate transfer of control to the next loop iteration.
labelLabel definition.
gotoUnconditional transfer of control to a label.

Other statements

withShort fields management.